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MA Pavilion 1.0
12.10.2018 — 12.10.2018



Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

The MA Pavilion 1.0 is a 2.5m by 2m textured frame structure that explores the interface between the tangible and intangible urban context by way of extending physical space through digital media. We believe that both forms of space are latent with value and when these physical and digital mediums cross, there are increased opportunities to experience space in different, new and playful ways.


The MA pavilion acknowledges the inherent kinetic character of context, and differs according to the situation it finds itself in.  It is titled ‘1.0’ as a first prototype that embraces iteration, experimentation and progressive change. The MA Pavilion 1.0 was first exhibited at the Africa Summit in Sankt Gallen, where we were invited to give a lecture, and where we insisted to invite the audience to participate in a physical experience. The 2018 Africa Summit is a two-day conference bringing together entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other actors present on the continent to inspire, inform and debate with the student population of the University of St. Gallen about the burgeoning potential of the African continent (Africa Summit, 2018).


Host and support: Sankt Gallen University

Speakers and designers: Khensani de Klerk and Solange Mbanefo

Film: Silvia Cipelletti, Massimiliano Marconi, Federico Muratori