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Escola da Cidade | arquiteturas do sul global: on Research as Practice




Escola da Cidade, São Paulo, Brazil (online)

‘On Research as Practice’ is a lecture by Khensani de Klerk and Solange Mbanefo as part of the open-access free course mediated and hosted by Pedro Vada and Marco Artigas at Escola da Cidade. The lecture series titled arquiteturas do sul global (global southern architectures)  focuses on architectural practice by architectural and spatial practitioners from countries in the Global South as well as their repertoires and the debate on what and how they are building in these countries. As intended, the lecture ended with discussion in challenging and productively posing questions from different territories, societies and cultures. The event was hosted online. 

Watch full talk here.


Speakers: Khensani de Klerk and Solange Mbanefo

Host: Pedro Vada and Marco Artigas

Institution: Escola da Cidade, São Paulo