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Sound Advice | ‘Ask Yourself, How Smart is Architecture Really?’ - in NOW YOU KNOW



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London, United Kingdom

NOW YOU KNOW is a publication that brings together a collection of 50 reflections from architects and urbanists of colour addressing spatial inequality and discrimination in the built environment industry. From MBEs to architecture students, artists to urban policymakers, each contributor accompanies their poem, essay or interview with a concise tip and a tune - the Sound Advice DNA. Trust us, this publication will change the way you practice. - Sound Advice

An excerpt from the essay: ’we turn our lens away from the buzz word of smart cities. And focus on the idiosyncrasies of territories, regions, provinces, rural enclaves and internal states. By shifting across scales, we ask if governance processes can be unified with community grassroots approaches? We are optimistic in this possibility, on the condition that top-down structures recognise the time, interest and labor of initiatives producing localised data’.

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Authors: Khensani de Klerk and Solange Mbanefo

Copy Editor: Antonia Turell

Publisher: Sound Advice